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2019 Speakers

DR. GEORGE SALTSMAN - "Innovation Beyond Imitation: Cults and Cultures of Creativity"

Innovation is more than imitation. Creativity requires confronting our existing fallacies and trading observation of others for observation of ourselves.

DR. PATRICIA WESTERGAARD - "Addiction is a Thief"

Addiction is an epidemic. One in 10 Americans deals with or has dealt with addiction in the last five years. As a family member or a friend, you are not alone.

DR. LASTASSIA WILLIAMS - "Invisible Black Girl: The American Outlier"

In today’s society, black girls have been positioned as outliers, and in many ways have taken on an invisible role compared to other racial groups. For black girls to be included into the makeup of society, cultural sensitivity has to be placed at the forefront to create an inclusive environment that will help bridge the gap of racial and gender disparities.

DOUG THOMPSON - "The Most Important Story You Will Ever Tell"

The human brain is wired for stories. Stories are the most impactful tool humans have to make a point. The most important stories are the ones we tell ourselves, but the problem is that the subconscious mind has control of the remote most of the time, and it is a fan of binge-watching horror movies. There is a way you can regain control of the remote once you know the secret.

MILEIGH BARRERA - "The Power of Entertainment to Unite"

Miss Barrera will perform two routines demonstrating how impactful movement can be through dance and her performance. In between the routines, she will talk about how her dancing and performance leave positive impressions and provide the power to unite.

BAHAR BADIEE - "How Understanding History Can Bring People Together"

Today, regardless of our geographical location, we are all affected by shifting climate. By integrating the ancient climatic-responsive architectural methods to our modern culture, we could potentially improve our chance of surviving in the wake of climate related disasters.

DR. DIANE LOVELL - "The Best Discoveries in Life are Outside the Library"

After a thrilling discovery of 110 Regency-era love letters in a cottage in rural England, Dr. Lovell was convinced that libraries and archives are not always the best place for research. She argues that while researching in the four walls of the tranquilly traditional institutions of archives and libraries is valuable, one should go outside of them to reclaim the joy of discovery.

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